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We focus on breeding the highest quality birddogs who excel in the field and as family companions.

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We believe in breeding the highest quality puppies possible. We invest a great deal of time and money into producing the best bird dogs that we can. With each litter, we are focused on improving the next generation and our breeding program. 

Our goal is to always improve the breed – to create puppies who are even better than their parents. 

Our standards set us apart from most average breeders.


Every breeding is carefully researched and planned well in advance.

We consider structure, temperament, health, type, and pedigree. We strive to produce healthy individuals 

and consistent litters with quality in every puppy. We match & blend lineages that focus on health,

temperament, and ability to perform in the field, show ring or become the Canine companion

you'll be proud to own for many years to come.  Breeding determines the temperament, type, longevity

and hunting ability and should always

be considered in the purchase of a companion, show, or hunting dog.


Here at Nosam, our focus is to promote the preservation of both bloodlines and the breeds we have

chosen to work with. We strive for sound, trainable, healthy dogs that best

represent our ideal picture of the breed. Our dogs are competitive, obedient, & do well in

the field. We always strive to produce puppies that complement the breed standard, aiming for the only highest

quality all around. All dogs have imperfections! Therefore, we try not to double up on a dog’s weaknesses by

looking objectively at our dogs and their faults and not breeding to another that has the same characteristics with

intentions to only improve them. In short, we look at the whole dog. 


We take AKC breeder education courses yearly to ensure we are always learning, improving, and committed to educating ourselves on proper breeding practices. We also compete in AKC performance events when we are able. 


Since we have been breeding, there have been dogs that we've removed from our breeding program,

often before they have ever bred. Just because a dog has a great pedigree, or a title does not simply mean they will be a producer of quality or that they are quality.


 Every litter produced should be done responsibly (proper deworming and vaccination protocols, proper socialization, most if not all puppies have homes before breeding and every puppy should be kept in a clean environment). Instead, you should look at the goals each breeder has for their breeding program and determine whether those goals meet what "you" want in a puppy. 



We believe that dog obedience training is an important part of a puppy's development so that our puppies know what is expected and how to behave in an appropriate manner. With proper training, new puppies can become great Canine companions who are a joy to have around the house and in the field or show ring. We believe in helping our puppies reach their full potential to become superior hunting or family companions. 


Puppies are exposed to a variety of sounds, surfaces, and activities designed to socialize and instill confidence and natural instinct. In addition to being given lots of attention, they are handled by us and socialize with our pack on a daily basis.  Not only is this an important part of early socialization to humans and other animals, but it is also essential in helping the puppies form positive associations later in life.  While we cannot guarantee a pup will show a desire to hunt when it matures, what you can expect in a pup from us is a well-socialized, healthy puppy who has been introduced to the outside world. 


We take a great deal of pride in selecting families who will not only be a great match for one of our puppies but also advocates for the breed. We help to pair each family with the BEST puppy for their needs! 



If you have never owned a Vizsla or German Shorthaired Pointer before, we encourage you to research the breed to make sure it is the one for you and your entire family. Consider your lifestyle, time available for training, what kind of temperament you want in a dog, the expense of raising and feeding a dog, taking it to obedience, and other training classes. This is a 10-15-year commitment. 


Most importantly at Nosam, we hold the philosophy of "look for a breeder, not a puppy". We do not believe quality should be sacrificed for the convenience of "finding a cheaper puppy sooner". We look for buyers who have the same standards as us and who are committed to taking home a pup from our program rather than those who are simply looking for a bargain pup. We believe a strong relationship between a breeder and the buyer is of utmost importance for the lifetime well-being of the puppies we produce. We are looking for extended family members not just "customers". By purchasing one of our puppies we believe you become an important link to helping us better the Vizsla & GSP breeds for future generations by providing important feedback for us to breed puppies who are an improvement of the breed.

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A responsible breeder is one who among other things does genetic health testing on their breeding dogs in order to ensure that they produce the healthiest puppies possible. Producing puppies means the risk of genetic health issues.  The type of testing will vary based on the individual breed. 


Many people do not think twice about spending thousands on veterinary care, training, and grooming, but will balk at the purchase price of the puppy. However, price does not necessarily mean that the puppy is well-bred or that genetic testing has been done. It is important for potential puppy buyers to look at the pedigree of their new puppy, ask questions, and see documentation on health and genetic testing that has been done on the parents. 

By purchasing a responsibly bred puppy of known pedigree, you can determine if testing has been done for diseases for which they are at risk based on their breed. With genetic testing, you can avoid the diseases for which the dogs were tested. Genetic testing will not exclude all possible inherited and acquired diseases, but this is your best available option to increase the odds of having taken home a healthy puppy. Puppy buyers can know they are looking at puppies that have a reduced chance of inheriting breed-specific health problems when the parents show favorable health screening results. Thus saving money in the long run.


Health testing is NOT "my vet said my dogs were ok to breed" or a yearly vet health check. Genetic testing can only be done through organizations such as OFA, Pennhip, or Embark to name a few.  If you ask for genetic testing you should be provided copies to see the documented results of those tests, not an answer such as "yes our puppies are health checked". 

Buying should be done just as responsibly as breeding. You as a buyer are just as responsible for the preservation of the breed as a breeder by only supporting well-bred dogs from responsible breeders.

Puppies are all sold with a  health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.


At Nosam Kennels we will follow the following protocols 

Breed only with the intention of improving the breed, using sire and dam of appropriate qualities for each breed's standard and soundness in health, structure, and temperament. Promote and breed with the intention of producing hunting dogs that strongly represent what the breeds are intended to be, a hunting breed.

 Prior to breeding all dogs will be free of serious hereditary defects and will be x-rayed with PENNHIP free from hip dysplasia. Bitches will be fully matured and two years of age before their first litter. 

We will not sell, or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet shops or brokers

Nosam puppies are sold with limited non-breeding registration until proven breeding quality (health tested/ titled) and evaluated.


​Puppies will not be placed in homes until eight weeks of age and be vet checked prior. Up to date on all shots and dewormings and have a health check by a licensed Veterinarian. 

Puppies are sold with a written health guarantee & life time breeder support. 


​Owners will be supplied with information on feeding, care, vaccinations, pedigrees, health test info and puppies will be sold with a written sales contract with strict return agreement. 

Nosam Kennels screens all prospective buyers to assure that puppies have safe and loving homes. We do this by requiring everyone interested in a puppy to complete a puppy application and go through our screening process. We do NOT sell to people who plan to chain their dog in the yard, leave them outside apart from their family, or have not properly educated themselves on the needs of the breed. 

Provide assistance and support to puppy buyers for the life of the dog.

Nosam Kennels is willing to take back or re-home puppies we have bred due to situations or circumstances that have changed in the life of the buyer.

At Nosam we encourage owners to become involved in actives that with our breeds such as but no limited to (hunting, performance events, dog shows, dock diving, obedience, agility and etc.) 

At Nosam we do not mix breed the  breeds we have chosen to work with you will find that we raise only purebred Braccos, GSPs, & Vizsla's . 

We are members of the

German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of America

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association,

Central Ohio Pointing Breeds Club, 

the Appalachian Valley NAVDHA Chapter . 

​KPBA (Kentuckiania Pointing Breeds Association) 

Three Rivers NAVHDA



Our newly constructed whelping area sits next to our home. It is well insulated with tile floors, and shower board on the walls to allow for easy sanitation between litters to prevent the spread of disease. 

Professional grade whelping boxes with pig rails to protect puppies. Complete with heat, air, and cameras to allow us to keep a constant temperature along with a watchful eye on mom and pups while allowing them a quiet and peaceful area to relax with their newborns. Moms have run of our fenced yard when taking a break from puppies and we also have two outdoor play yards for pups once they are able to spend time outdoors. A TV plays to allow puppies to hear lots of different noises as they begin to develop. This design was well thought out to ensure the safety of every litter and comfort for our moms. Being able to properly sanitize the whelping area and give mom a relaxing space is of utmost importance when raising healthy puppies. Our puppies are handled and socialized daily and still raised within our home spending time in there throughout the day.  The puppies also experience many new things during their first 8 weeks.  They go on car rides, play outside in our environmental enrichment puppy pen and swim at the pond (weather permitting), as well as go through a brief bird and gun introduction.

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