Nosam's Prairie Storm

DSC_0167 (1).jpg

 Registered Name: Nosam's Prairie Storm

Call Name: Stormie

DOB: 07/20/2018

 AKC#  SS07385102

Pennhip:   Left= 0.28, Right= 0.28


Meet Stormie

Stormie is a Nosam bred Vizsla. Her sire is Jager and her Dam is Monet. I also owned her grandma Maddie and Grandsire Jase. 


Stormie has a smaller, petite, build.  She is a smaller female standing right at the minimum height range for a female Vizsla and sports a through Rust coat. If you are looking for a very fun, easy to please, highly trainable, pup geared for life, family or hunting with a smaller build and gorgeous build Stormies list is for you. Her litters are always very consistent and exceptional. Truly what we strive to produce in our program. We have added her full sister from another litter as well. 


Stormie is a natural in the field and, posses an excellent nose and desire to please. She is a fearless hunter and will find and point a bird on a dime! Stormies puppies will excel in the field but also make great family pets for those who simply want a well-bred companion.