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Central Kentucky


Nosam's Rise Of The Covey

 Registered Name: Nosam's Rise Of The Covey

Call Name: Covey

DOB: 12/02/16

 AKC# SR96272801

Pennhip:  : Right DI = 0.51, Left DI = 0.49.



Meet Covey

Covey is named after a "Covey" of quail (A Covey is a flock of birds). Rise Of The Covey refers to the moment a covey of quail rise in flight after being flushed.


Covey is a NoSam Vizsla out of our Zoe X Jase pairing. Covey retains her mom's very feminine look and personality with her dad's Velcro, loving personality. She's very obedient and easy going. We expect that her list will be our most popular just like her moms for their easy to train biddable temperament. 


Covey is trained to hunt at an AKC JH level and has competed in two tests we are still working on training her to finish out her title. Once she achieves that along with passing health testing she will be bred in 2020