Registered Name: Russet River Heart Of A Hunter JH

Call Name: Jäger

DOB: 07/10/2016

 AKC# SR94452704


Pennhip:  Right DI = 0.20, Left DI = 0.20 Results

OFA  (Eyes): Normal Results



Jager earned his AKC Junior Hunter at 9-months old at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club in PA. May 2017-Handled by Sierra

Meet Jäger

Jäger means hunter in German. Jager's call name is based on his registered name Heart Of A Hunter! This dog truly lives up to his name. 


Jager is one of our BEST hunting dogs and everything we could ever ask for in a sire! His size, build, and athleticism is all matched with a very loving fun personality.  In the field, he is all business and will hunt his heart out! He is bold, intelligent, driven, talented, ready to please and easy to handle. He is a fairly large range dog and will easily keep with with other pointers in the field. In the house, he is kind, gentle and loves everyone he meets. Jager is a very handsome boy, and he has a pedigree to match. 


Jager earned his Junior Hunter at just 9-months old! Trained & handled by Sierra! 


Jager is a smaller male Vizsla sporting a very elegant, uniform build and the most gorgeous dark rust coat of all our Vizsla's. We expect that he should produce very skilled, competitive Vizsla's bred to EXCEL in the field, be easy to train, and ready to please. Active, fun-loving, all-around companions with the confirmation and pedigree to boot!


He will truly produce a bird dog that will live up to any upland hunters dream!