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We don't breed dogs, just to sell puppies. We breed to preserve the breeds we work with.

Each breeding is planned well in advance and chosen to produce puppies with sound temperament, structure, and ability.

To produce everything we are looking for in the next generation of our breeding program.

Join a list


Step 1 Fill out Puppy Application. Puppy applications are NOT for inquiries!


Step 2. Send in the Contract & Deposit


Step 3. Confirm we received and we will add you to the list!

Puppy Purchase Information

Timing of litters is uncontrolled as well as a successful pregnancy and viable puppies.

Nosam Kennels is not able to control the timing of heat cycles, or the number, or gender of puppies.

We also have the right to cancel a litter due to the best interest of the parents involved (we put the health of our parent dogs paramount to having a litter). In the event a litter is canceled, a litter does not take or there are not enough puppies buyers will be given other upcoming options. By joining a list you agree to wait until we have a puppy for you.


A responsible breeder will always do what’s best for their dogs and their clients. In order to provide healthy, well-bred puppies, we have invested large amounts of money into our program. This would include health testing of each dog, building a breeding facility for the dogs to live in, time and money spent on training & titles, and we feed high-quality food. We do everything we can to provide the best possible care and lifetime support.  All this investment reflects the pricing of our puppies.  Sure you can find cheaper puppies but you will sacrifice quality and likely pay the same amount or double in vet bills later. Please note we will charge a 6% sales tax on all puppy payments. 

The cost to raise a litter Read more here



A deposit is required to join a waiting list to get a puppy from Nosam. Please note deposits will not be returned in the event that the sex of the puppy is not available as the puppy buyer has requested. However, the deposit will be transferred to another litter. The puppy buyer will be given the opportunity to move to the end of the deposit list of available puppies of the opposite sex or transfer to a future litter.



While every breed has its “typical” temperament, every dog is an individual just like people are, and a range of personality types within breeds is the norm just as it is within humans. 

Litters are evaluated over the course of 8 weeks. Puppies are evaluated by us and other experienced breeders. Each puppy is evaluated on, temperament, bird drive, ability to leave other puppies or us to seek objects, toy/retrieving drive, and conformation. Puppy buyers will select their preferred sex/color however, puppies will be matched based on their lifestyle and which puppy best fits what they are looking for. No one hand selects from our litters in order to make puppy matching fair for everyone on the list and to ensure pets go to pet homes and hunting puppies go to hunting homes. So list order is not important when it comes to matching. Whether you are first or last on the list you are still matched with the puppy that best fits your lifestyle. This ensures we are responsibly placing puppies and ensures that puppies are not being selected over reasons such as markings or cute photos. We want to set each puppy up with success by pairing them with the family that can best meet their needs. This ensures that inexperienced owners or those with very small children don’t end up with incompatibly cheeky, boisterous dogs that may instead be sought after by more confident owners. Or that the puppy with its nose to the ground can be fulfilled within a hunting home whereas the puppy that may be more interested in people than hunting is paired with a pet home. Puppy matching is critical to happy puppies and happy families. 


Nosam Kennels does not ship puppies. Puppy Buyers must pick up their puppy from Nosam Kennels.

If Puppy Buyer decides to have the puppy delivered then Nosam Kennels does not accept responsibility related to delivery. We do have a private transporter that we can put you in touch with for delivery. 






A responsible breeder is one who among other things does genetic health testing on their breeding dogs in order to ensure that they produce the healthiest puppies possible. Producing puppies means the risk of genetic health issues.  The type of testing will vary based on the individual breed. 

 Many people do not think twice about spending thousands on veterinary care, training, and grooming, but will balk at the purchase price of the puppy. However, price does not necessarily mean that the puppy is well-bred or that genetic testing has been done. It is important for potential puppy buyers to look at the pedigree of their new puppy, ask questions, and see documentation on health and genetic testing that has been done on the parents.


 By purchasing a responsibly bred puppy of known pedigree, you can determine if testing has been done for diseases for which they are at risk based on their breed. With genetic testing, you can avoid the diseases for which the dogs were tested. Genetic testing will not exclude all possible inherited and acquired diseases, but this is your best available option to increase the odds of having taken home a healthy puppy. Puppy buyers can know they are looking at puppies that have a reduced chance of inheriting breed-specific health problems when the parents show favorable health screening results. Thus saving money in the long run

All of our dogs have been screened for at least hip dysplasia before being bred to ensure they are free and clear of OA.  We are currently using PENNHIP to screen our breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia. OFA, UC Davis, or Embark will be used for further testing. Each breed has various different requirements for testing. You can check the dog’s individual pages to see their results!   


Vizslas: Hips, Thyroid, Eyes & Cardiac

German Shorthaired Pointers: Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Cone Degeneration, & Von Willebrand's 



All of our dogs are tested for hunting ability in AKC or NAVHDA tests. Many of our dogs also compete in other sports such as dock diving or fast cat.

If someone is only looking for a pet, why should they consider buying a puppy from parents with a title?


After all, their pet will not need the drive or desire that a hunting dog should have; all they want is a good companion. So are titles on the parents really all that important?

Having a title shows that this particular dog is intelligent and trainable, and is capable of being trained reliably to an advanced level. It shows the dog has the desire to work with its handler, and the ability to learn new behavior. The dog that possesses these traits can pass them to its offspring. A dog that does not have these traits cannot! This is very important for the pet owner because a dog that has the genetic desire to learn and work with its handler is much easier to train!

A title demonstrates that the breeder does more than just breed their dogs. They are engaged with and involved in other activities besides breeding their dogs over and over.

A  title shows that the breeder has had the opportunity to compare their dogs with other representatives of the breed, and to compare them against a set, objective test (that was designed with the pointing breed in mind). Such as AKC hunt tests, field trails, or NAVHDA tests.

A title shows that the dog has actually left the breeder’s property, and been exposed to everyday situations beyond the small world of the breeder’s home. The title shows that this dog has been through the stress of training and trialing in an environment much different from its comfortable home, and the dog has handled it successfully

A  title shows, in part, that the dog has the proper working temperament of a GSP or Vizsla. 

Training and titling a dog thoroughly inform the breeder so that they can make good breeding decisions.


They now know without a doubt who and what their dogs are, and have proven it through the training and titling process.  They know where their dog needs to be complemented, and what needs to be corrected for future breeding.


Which breeder would you rather get a puppy from one who has thoroughly informed themselves on and proven what their dogs are like through training and titling them or one who “knows” what their dogs are like at home only, and who decides that this is good enough for breeding, without any objective proof or test?

Read more here on: I don't want a show or hunting dog: I just want a pet


Each puppy comes with a written health warranty and contract. Please read over the contract to obtain information on the full written guarantee.  A copy of our health warranty will be signed at pick up or upon receiving your puppy. A copy will be provided to you as well in your puppy folder.



All puppies are sold on non-breeding AKC LIMITED  or Limited non-breeding NAVHDA registration. This means you cannot breed your puppy & when you sign our contract you agree to not allow your puppy to be bred. We do NOT offer puppies with full registration. Please note that we have the option to choose whether a litter is AKC or NAVHDA registered. 



A collar tag isn't enough. If your dog's collar breaks or its collar tag falls off or becomes illegible, a microchip permanently identifies your pet to help your pet get back to you if it is ever lost or stolen. All puppies are microchipped and enrolled in AKC Reunite before they leave our home. AKC reunite microchipping is included in the price of your puppy. We also prepay to enroll your puppy's microchip. Nosam Kennels will be added as alternative contact in case, for some reason, you cannot be contacted.    



Weekly watch your puppy grow updates! Includes videos, professional-quality photo shoots, and developmental information so you can be a part of the puppy-rearing process. This program allows each buyer to get an in-depth look at our program and helps to provide a more informative puppy selection process. We try to fit in as many photo shoots and videos as we can.    



 Nosam Kennels is proud to offer Puppy culture-raised puppies!    Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. Puppy Culture is a program used by Breeders and Puppy owners, all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies and to limit behavioral issues by helping puppies to cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults. Please check out our PC page for more information!    



Puppies will come with the first set of vaccines before leaving our home. Each puppy will be kept UTD on a vet-grade deworming schedule to ensure they are parasite free throughout their development. We will also cover proper deworming protocols, provided flea preventives so they go home flea free, and will have had at least one vet check with our vet prior to leaving. An Exam from a licensed vet. Health certificate, Vaccine record, Deworming record, and a Fecal. The vet checks the heart, lungs, eyes, hernias, testicles, etc. 



We will provide reading material with each developmental update to help better prepare you for your puppy. This includes feeding and nutrition information, training tips, breed tips, puppy checklists, and more!    


We do not furnish dogs for breeding and all puppies are sold on AKC Limited registration with spay/neuter contract. All puppies that do not earn an AKC JH or NAVHDA NA title by 18 months of age are REQUIRED to spay and neuter their dogs by 18 months of age.


Dogs that earn a NAVHDA NA or AKC JH title by 18 months and have been health tested (All tests recommended for the breed required) may be eligible for breeding and we will lift the Limited AKC.



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