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Nosam Puppy Obedience School Overview

Puppy Obedience is offered for those who have bought puppies from Nosam


Puppy obedience school begins when pups reach 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will board in home with our trainer and begin training once they are 8-weeks old. We will personally begin a 4-week obedience course designed to ensure a well-behaved puppy when it comes time for our puppies to transition into their new homes. You receive a pup who is well ahead of development, highly confident, social, and driven. A pup ready to train, hunt, or companion their life alongside yours. In result, every Nosam Kennels family will be sure to have a dog they can be proud to own for many years to come. We also offer an extended 4-week class if you wish to sign up.


What do puppies learn during this course?  

In our puppy training course, we will cover several different areas in your puppy’s training and development. Your puppy will stay with our trainer for 1-month learning basic obedience commands to prep them for your home.


All training includes 3rd vaccine booster & required deworming's. Puppies from our program will leave at either 10-12 weeks of age when enrolled in this course!


This 4 week course Includes:


✔Potty training foundation: Puppies require consistency. Let us help get puppies off to a great start with an introduction to crate and potty training your puppy will learn to leave his/her eat, sleep & play area to potty outside. Early potty training and cleanliness has been proven to translate into a puppy who will be much easier to house train. We will work on creating a set potty schedule to have your puppy going outside in no time once he/she arrives home.  However, puppies can’t physically hold their bowel/bladder movements for long periods until they are about 16-weeks of age your puppy will have the association of going outside however you’ll need to continue to keep them on a set schedule until they can physically hold it. Your puppy will NOT be fully house trained so you’ll need to stick to our provided schedule. These steps get your puppy into a rhythm of predictable potty behavior. We are simply furthering your puppies foundation to early cleanly potty habits. We do not guarantee a house trained puppy as they are simply too young to hold it for more than a couple hours until 16-weeks of age. 



✔Socialization: By expanding a pup’s surroundings and introducing him/her to a new environment enriched with variety and stimulations with frequent daily exposure to humans & our pack puppies will learn how to interact, form bonds & play. Through play, puppies learn how to transmit & read the language of their pack & other dogs or humans they may come in contact with. Starting pups out with proper socialization will further a pup’s social development translating into a socially healthy dog.    


✔Positive reinforcement & corrections: Positive reinforcement training uses praise or treats as a reward for good behavior. Rewards make puppies more likely to repeat a wanted behavior. Positive reinforcement is one of the strongest forms of changing or shaping a  puppy’s behavior. By rewarding puppies for good behavior early on they will be more likely to continue the good behavior during their transition. Corrections of unwanted behavior is not used for punishment of bad behavior but rather to change a dog’s behavior. Puppies will receive proper corrections when needed on a daily basis to change any unwanted behavior.    


✔Basic Commands: Place, sit Stay & Come! Puppies will receive daily training to aid in easier handling in the home and field. We will personally begin the foundation needed for an obedient puppy or dog. Puppies will learn to sit, stay & come. Along with many more commands. We will begin the foundation to an obedient pup! 

✔Crate introduction: Each puppy will be properly introduced to a crate. Introducing a puppy to a crate early on will go on to easily accept crate training. Crate training will satisfy many dogs needs for den behavior. Crate training is an effective tool in-house training because it takes advantage of the puppy’s natural reluctance to potty in their sleeping area. Crate training can also aid in separation anxiety, prevent destructive behavior & keep your puppy safe when you are not able to supervise. Your puppy will also need to accept a crate while traveling or overnight stays at a boarding facility or veterinarian’s office when necessary.


Please note that every dog and puppy will learn at a different pace. Some puppies can learn what we teach in a four week class in just two weeks. Others may learn more slowly.


Its not uncommon for puppies to relapse during the adjustment period as they transition into your home. They are transitioning to an entirely new handler and new environment. Training is not guaranteed we do our best to expertly guide your puppy through the courses we offer. However, we cannot foresee how quickly puppies will learn or how well they will transition into your home with their training. Do not expect your puppy to be trained at an adult dogs level. Sessions are kept short, fun and engaging to help your puppy enjoy their sessions. 


 This is simply a developmental course to help get your pup on the right track to make it easier for you to continue their training at home. This is a great course for those who have never owned a puppy or may need some guidance on getting their puppy started with training. This is not a course where you will take home a puppy who is trained to an adult dogs level. This is simply a course to start your puppy out right early on but training will still be required as your puppy grows and matures.

Updates: There will not be professional photos/videos offered with puppy training. Our trainer isn't a photographer and is being hired to train your puppy only. She will send 3 updates total through training.

$1000/month +$55 charge per puppy for feed/vetting/dewormer

Basic Obedience 

What do dogs learn during this course?  

Basic Obedience: This course is for all breeds of dogs. This class is designed to help dog owners who need help with obedience on their dog whether it is a pet or a hunting dog. We use a balanced approach combining positive reinforcement and properly timed corrections. (Note: We will NOT train dogs with aggression Including but not limited to: Human aggression, Food aggression, Dog aggression, Animal Aggression).

This 4 week course Includes:

✔Loose Leash training: We will get your dog walking loosely on a leash by your side in a heel position

✔Sit: We will teach your dog how to sit on command.

✔Recall: We will train your dog to come when called.

✔Down: We will teach your dog to lay down on command

✔Place: We will train your dog to go to place.

✔Stay: We will train your dog to stay on command until released.

✔Jumping: We will help your dog to understand jumping is not ok.

✔ E collar conditioning! If you do not own an e collar you can purchase one from us for an added cost! 

(Owner covers feed/medical expenses such as heartworm/flea tick preventive

Gun Dog Training

Let us develop your dog into a well-rounded pointer who is driven and able to find and point birds. 

Intro to hunting:

Bird introduction: Getting the puppy to bump/chase and pick up flightless birds. Building the natural prey drive.

Gun intro: Introducing puppy to the starter pistol and prepping them for shot gun intro in the next course.

Recall: Building a solid recall with positive reinforcement 

 Obedience: Building a solid sit/stay/heel on young puppies before we begin field work

Water intro: weather permitted getting the puppy adjusted to water and beginning to enter it on their own

  • If your dog has no prior field experience on game birds, the Puppy Intro Class is required before a dog can begin Formal Training even adult dogs must do this course if they have had no bird intro prior. This is 2-4 week course dependent on age/level of training and your dogs natural abilities.  


$1,000/month birds included 

Owner pays for feed & medical expense (heartworm precentives etc)


First Level Gundog Field Introduction:

Requirements for this program:

✔Recommended your dog is at least 4-6 months old 

✔ Must complete and pass an evaluation 

✔Completed intro to hunting & basic obedience


✔mentally, socially and physically ready to begin formal gun dog training. 


Our program includes:


✔E-collar Conditioning


✔Off-Leash Field Work With the check cord skills taught and mastered,

pups are confident and happy to handle off leash in the field 


✔Handling well in the field (recall, working the field well, quartering,

hunting with the handler, responding to the whistle)


✔Finding and pointing birds

✔ Shooting birds over your dog if and when they are ready 

✔ Intro to retrieving after the shot

✔ beginning to retrieve in the water

$1,200/month + cost of Birds 

​​Second Level Gun Dog

Let us develop your dog into a well-rounded pointer who is driven and able to find and point birds. 


Requirements for this program:


✔Completed Obedience & First Level Gun Dog


✔mentally, socially and physically ready to begin formal gun dog training. 


Our Program Includes

✔Well conditioned point allowing the hunter to walk in and flush game 


✔Steady To Wing and Shot/Fall (woah training)


✔ Backing and Honoring other dogs 


✔Trained Retrieve

✔Duck search

$1,200/month + cost of Birds 

(Owner covers feed/medical expenses such as heartworm/flea tick preventive

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