Gun Dog Training

Let us develop your dog into a well-rounded pointer who is driven and able to find and point birds. 

We accept all Gundog breeds!





Intro to hunting:

This intro course prepares your dog for formal bird training 

✔Recommended your dog is at least 4-6 months old 


Bird introduction: Getting the puppy to bump/chase and pick up flightless birds. Building the natural prey drive.

Gun intro: Introducing puppy to the starter pistol and prepping them for shot gun intro in the next course.

Recall: Building a solid recall with positive reinforcement 

 Obedience: Building a solid sit/stay/heel on young puppies before we begin field work

Water intro: weather permitted getting the puppy adjusted to water and beginning to enter it on their own


Check cord Intro

  • If your dog has no prior field experience on game birds, the  Intro Class is required before a dog can begin Formal Training even adult dogs must complete this course if they have had no bird intro prior.

This is 2-4 week course dependent on age/level of training and your dogs natural abilities.   

This class focuses on building prey drive and preparing dogs for formal training dogs can generally start the first level class as soon as they finish intro. 


$375/week (This class goes by week so that the dogs that don't need a full month can quickly  progress on to the first level gundog course)

(Owner pays for feed & medical expense (heartworm preventives etc.)


First Level Gundog Course:

Your dogs Formal bird training starts here!

Requirements for this program:

✔ Must complete and pass an evaluation 

✔Completed intro to hunting & basic obedience


✔mentally, socially and physically ready to begin formal gun dog training. 


Our program includes:


✔E-collar Conditioning


✔Off-Leash Field Work With the check cord skills taught and mastered,

pups are confident and happy to handle off leash in the field 


✔Handling well in the field (recall, working the field well, quartering,

hunting with the handler, responding to the whistle)


✔Finding and pointing birds

✔ Shooting birds over your dog if and when they are ready 

✔ If your dog has a natural retrieve we will touch on intro to retrieving after the shot

✔ beginning to retrieve in the water if your dog has a natural retrieve

✔Tracking: Pheasant track if so desired for NAVHDA

Trained retrieve is not a part of this class. 

Dogs in the course will be considered "started" and ready to begin hunting!

$1,000/month + cost of Birds 

If your dog has not had any prior bird and field exposure, the Field Introduction Class is REQUIRED!



​​Second Level Gun Dog


Requirements for this program:


✔Completed Obedience & First Level Gun Dog


✔mentally, socially and physically ready to begin formal gun dog training. 


Our Program Includes

✔Well conditioned point allowing the hunter to walk in and flush game 


✔Steady To Wing and Shot/Fall (woah training)


✔ Backing and Honoring other dogs 


✔Trained Retrieve

✔Duck search (if desired)

$1,200/month + cost of Birds 

(Owner covers feed/medical expenses such as heartworm/flea tick preventive)

Private Instruction

Want to train your own dog with the help of a professional?

Private on site instruction is starts at $100 an hour, and is $50 per every half hour after that. 1 hr. minimum required. 

If live game birds are used its $10/live bird used.

Contact us to schedule training today