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We are currently accepting deposits toward 2020 planned litters. If you are interested in taking home a Nosam puppy please start with our puppy application below so we can recommend a litter for you. Once approved you will be required to submit our contract and place a $600 deposit toward the waiting list.  Read over the Puppy Purchase Info Tab first! 

Waiting Lists

Since we do not always have puppies available you'll need to join a waiting list well in advance to get a puppy from us. All of our puppies do usually have great homes well before they are born or shortly after since we do prepare for our litters well before the breeding takes place. This ensures our puppy owners have plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of their new companion. We do not solicit families for our puppies. It is up to you to contact us and explicitly request to go on our waiting list. We are selective about where we place our puppies and want to ensure you understand the commitment you are about to take on. This also allows us to build a relationship with each buyer before sending puppies home to ensure we are comfortable with the placement. A deposit must be made before we will add you to our wait lists. 


Families placed on our waiting list are guaranteed a puppy only after they have been approved for our list and have placed a deposit. We ask that you only place an application and contract when you are committed to joining one of our lists. If you are unsure or still looking around please let us know and make a decision before joining one of our lists. This way buyers who are committed to owning a Nosam Pup that may still be going through application/approval process can have first priority. To get approved please fill out and submit our application once you are ready. 


Deposits are our assurance that you are committed to owning a Nosam Kennels puppy and helps us to determine if breedings should take place.

The definition of deposit refers to when a portion of funds is used as a security or collateral for the delivery of a good. Some contracts require a percentage of funds paid before the delivery as an act of good faith.

Non-refundable: to give back or restore (especially money); repay.


Deposits are Non-Refundable but may be transferred to a later litter. Non-refundable means: to give back or restore (especially money); repay. A deposit covers our time communicating back and forth and time occupying a position on the list. Once a deposit is placed it is non-refundable for any reason but can be transferred. We do this to ensure those committing to a puppy are absolutely sure!


Deposits help breeders keep track of how many puppies from a litter are spoken for and, in a show of intent, they indicate the buyer’s seriousness and commitment to getting a puppy. Similarly, by accepting this good faith deposit, a breeder indicates their approval of the buyer as an acceptable home and their commitment to that buyer to provide a puppy. Deposits are a two-way street as they bind and protect both buyer and seller. The breeder agrees not to sell the puppy to anyone else nor to take other reservations for that special puppy from a particular litter. The buyer promises to purchase the puppy from the breeder and not to go to anyone else for a puppy in the meantime.


Deposits are non-refundable because usually, we have already turned down many other homes for your position. When you back out this is meant to compensate us for our time communicating back and forth and lost opportunities to place the puppy. 


Without a deposit, we cannot hold a position or puppy for you. We only accept a limited number of deposits in advance based off previous litters to ensure everyone who joins has a chance at taking home one of our puppies. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the puppy you take home and if we are unable to produce a puppy that fits what you are looking for (based on sex and color) within 24-months we will return your deposit. 

Any deposits on litters that are not fulfilled are transferred to the next litter or another upcoming litter by mutual decision. This is uncommon and is handled on a case by case basis. Please read our contract for all terms and conditions on deposits. breeding's cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes things are beyond our control such as litter size, sex, color, and markings. 

The deposit comes off the total puppy purchase therefore your deposit goes toward your final balance owed. 

Why are deposits so high

Many breeders set their deposits at various different prices. Often $50-250 are common deposit practices. However, we have found that most people will join waiting lists with much less thought with lower deposit prices. Thus leaving us to later find out that the family has found a pup elsewhere or is no longer responsive. Also a lot of people will spend $50-250 with little research or thought to the breed they are buying. We set our deposit higher to prevent tire kickers and to encourage people to really think through their purchase prior to jumping on a wait list. Most people will thoroughly think through and research the breed a bit more before spending $600. Since we have raised our deposits we have found people come to us after having researched the breed enough to have an idea if it is a good fit for them and they have shopped around and decided on us as their breeder. With lower non-refundable deposits one could make a good profit off the amount of people who will join and loose out on their deposit. However, that is not our goal here at Nosam. Our goal is to promote responsible puppy purchasing practices and we do that by giving one a larger incentive to thoroughly research and decide thus less chance of returned puppies and less chance of families buying on impulse. 

How waiting lists work

The list begins with Nosam Kennels

Depending on the size of the litter, the individual pups, and the needs of our breeding program or training program, we may select a "keeper" puppy. In some cases, the stud owner (if using a stud from outside our program will select a first pick puppy.) In most cases, we keep a single puppy. On rare occasions, we have chosen up to three pups, but that is the exception and not the rule. Sometimes we keep none! 

Next, progress with prior families

Next, on our waiting list are those families Moved from the prior litters. This may happen if the previous litter size was overestimated, or if there were stillbirths or neonatal deaths. Under these circumstances, families are given the option of being placed on the waiting list for the next litter.

Then, previous buyers

We will allow people that have already successfully purchased a Nosam Puppy to request a position on the waiting list. 


And then we open the list

If there are enough available positions on the list we will open the list to the public. 

Choosing your new pup

Taking home the puppy who will become your new companion for the next 10-15 years is an exciting event.  Many factors come into play when it comes time to select a puppy from our kennel. 


First, we pick our keeper pup
The litter is continually assessed from birth.  At six weeks of age, they are temperament tested. At seven weeks of age, their confirmation, type & hunting ability is assessed. If we or the stud owner decide to keep a puppy from the litter we reserve the first choice. 

Matching pups to families
From the moment we receive your application we focus on your needs and expectations for your new puppy. Nosam Kennels will work with each family to select the puppy best fit for you and your lifestyle. Each puppy just like people will come with his/her very own set of traits. However, our primary goal of breeding is moving the breed forward (preservation).


We breed hunting breeds. Therefore, some puppies will simply just not be fit for certain lifestyles. While most puppies will overall make great family pets often there will be one or two that will require more activity or will be more suited for a hunting lifestyle and may not be a great fit for the lifestyle you have described. Therefore it is very important to consider each puppy based on their observed personality over the course of their development.  We place our puppies based on personality, temperament, and compatibility with a particular family. We do not match puppies on a first come first serve basis. You will take home the pup that is the best fit for you regardless of when you joined the list. 

Trust that we have come to best know the breed, dog behavior, and our puppies and will determine which puppy will be a good fit for your family. You can be content knowing that whether you are first on our list or last that we will take the time needed to try to match you with the best puppy in the litter to meet your needs! 

This means you do not get to hand select your puppy. We will choose our keeper and then move forward by pairing everyone with a puppy. 


If a match isn't perfect
If you are not thrilled with the pup you are matched with, or if a suitable pup is not available, you may ask to be placed on the waiting list for the next litter. In the event, we feel a home will not be a good match for one of our puppies and we cannot come to a mutual agreement Nosam Kennels reserves the right to terminate the contract. 


More pups than families
On occasion, we have more pups than families on our waiting list. This may happen if a puppy and family match isn't perfect, or if someone decides to wait for a puppy from a future litter, or the litter was underestimated in size. In these cases, we will pull from future lists. 

Life time support

As breeders we make a life time commitment to our puppies & will be here for any questions you may have throughout the course of your dog’s life. To breed better dogs, we must know how we are doing. Updates & photos are important to our program & we encourage them!  We have an open-door policy & will take any puppy back at any time, for any reason if needed.  We also provide a guarantee on every puppy born here. 


Your new puppy is warrantied to be free of inherited/genetic disease on the day of the sale and to be healthy & virus free for up to 7-days. A breeder can not predetermine the outcome of a breeding and therefore can make no assurances that the puppy will forever be free of inherited genetic or other diseases. A health warranty is provided for every puppy sold! Nothing would make us happier than knowing that we have been a part of bringing a happy, healthy puppy into your family.  To help ensure this, we ask that you have your veterinarian do an examination of your puppy not more than 7-days after receiving your puppy. After your veterinarian has examined your puppy please submit a copy of your puppy's medical record to me. Please read over out entire guarantee in the contract that you sign. 


Our 24-month Warranty

Not only is your puppy guaranteed from the date of sale and up to 7-days there after for diseases. We also offer a genetic warranty. 

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never become ill or need more than routine veterinary care, and this guarantee does not cover the reimbursement of any veterinary bills associated with this puppy. We do offer a 24-month warranty on hips, elbows, eye & thyroids!!

Puppies are warrantied against crippling hip/elbow dysplasia that is apparent by 24-months of age. We will apply the full purchase price of your puppy toward the price of a replacement puppy chosen by Nosam Kennels within 24 months. The replacement puppy will be the breeder’s choice of current or expected litters. If you choose to keep the dog and provide him/her with a forever loving home & medical care you have the right to a replacement puppy at 3/4 the selling price from the next litter within 24 months. See our contract & health warranty for more information!




Each puppy will come with a litter medical record documenting all shots, dewormings, and preventatives given over the course of each puppies development. Puppies go home UTD on shots, dewormed with a vet check! 

Can I breed my Nosam Puppy?

Short answer is no. We do not sell to breeding homes. Typically when breeding a litter we are keeping the breeding quality puppy anyway and we are looking for performance, hunting or pet homes for the remainder of the litter. All puppies are sold on Non-breeding registration with a strict no breeding contract. If you are serious about bettering the breed with a breeding program we will entertain the idea of a "breeding prospect" but the pup will still be sold on limited registration with a non-breeding contract until the pup is 2-years old, health tested and has earned an AKC JH title or AKC CH title. If you are looking to show we will do a co-own and the dog will be registered to Nosam until you complete their confirmation title, & health testing. This policy is intact to better preserve our breeds. We cannot responsibly sell every puppy with breeding rights as not every puppy should be bred and not every family is cut to be a breeder. In the years we have been breeding we have only ever had one person complete our requirements to breed. 

I don't want a show or hunting dog I just want a pet! 

Not every dog in a well-bred litter is going to be show, breeding or hunting quality- there will ALWAYS be pet-quality puppies. Well-bred, but maybe with a slight imperfection, and those are the puppies placed in pet homes. You don’t have to want a show or hunting quality puppy to get a well-bred puppy! This is not about being snobby, being elitist, thinking that one dog is “better” than another, it’s about ensuring you get a puppy that acts and looks like the breed you fell in love with. It’s about loving our breed enough to want to see everything that’s good about them preserved for future generations to enjoy. If you want a healthy dog, with a proper temperament, choose your breeder wisely. Written by: Terri Lewin Gilbert


At Nosam Our dogs are pets first and many of our puppies do go to pet homes. All three breeds we work with make wonderful family pets with the right lifestyle. Even our breeding dogs that are trained to hunt become family pets once they are retired! Though we do breed for hunting ability that does not devalue our dogs and their puppies as pets. It just shows that are dogs are even more capable of being wonderful companions because they were BRED to be easy to train and are healthy enough for proper function. Bred with purpose, predictability and health.