Call Name: MAYBLE

DOB: 12/01/2016

 AKC# SR96650503


Pennhip:  : Right DI = 0.26, Left DI = 0.40

DM, VWD, AMS Clear

Cone Degeneration: N/N




AKC Junior Hunter October 2018 at 22 months-Handled By Alex at the Kentuckania Pointing breeds association. 

Meet Mayble

Mayble is our liver roan GSP bitch. She was brought to us by a client for hunt training/titling and we ended up taking her in when they could no longer keep her or Scarlet. I never intended to have GSP's prior though I adored the breed. When the opportunity arose to take Mayble and her sister Scarlet I could not turn it down as I had bonded with them through training while they were staying with me.  I love both of these dogs and do not regret my decision taking them in. 

Mayble progressed in her training very quickly with her natural abilities and went on to earn a JH title in just a few months of training. She had never seen a bird until she was around 16-18 months of age but immediately locked on point when introduced to her first bird. I was in awe!

Mayble was trained and handled by Sierra Combs.  We have also trained her sister Scarlet. 

Physically: Mayble is medium in size, well portioned for the breed, and very athletic. She is Liver Roan Patched and Ticked. Her temperament and field ability are well matched. She is intelligent, bold, and confident. Mayble picks up quickly on training and sports a very eager to please attitude.  She has speed, an impeccable nose and loves water. Her drive and temperament is a clear demonstration of what sort of dog want to breed here at Nosam. 


If you are looking for a GSP pup that will excel in hunting/performance or be a wonderful active family companion her litters are for you! Paired with a quality stud we expect her to produce pups that will excel in the duck blind, on dove hunts and other upland game such as pheasant, quail or grouse. With her nose and ability to learn her pups would likely even excel tracking downed game. With her speed and athleticism, her pups should also do well in AKC performance events such as dock dog agility & etc. Truly producing an all-round versatile GSP.  

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