Date of Birth:

OCT 2015

AKC: SS17251901



Monet is a Nosam bred Vizsla. Her sire "Jase"  was our foundation stud. She was our very first keeper as we are super picky about selecting breeding pups and although we didn't plan to keep her we could not pass her up! We couldn't imagine our program without her!

After leaving her litter Monet continued on being the youngest pack member for the entire 1st year with us.  She absolutely loves hanging out with puppies. Monet sports our MOST loving, kind-hearted personality in our program. She is always fun-loving, soft-spirited, and just enjoys life more than any dog I have ever met. She is currently the BEST mother in our program and is always eager to meet all of the newborns.  She is wonderful with anyone she meets and is eager to please and enjoys being apart of the family. 


Monet has a smaller, petite, yet, elegant build  and  a more feminine build. Although feminine looking she is the gorgeous little tom-boy of the group. Monet is our smallest female standing right at the minimum height range for a female Vizsla and sports a through Rust coat. If you are looking for a very fun, easy to please, highly trainable, pup geared for life, family or hunting with a smaller build and gorgeous elegant build Monet's list is for you. Her litters are always very consistent and exceptional. Truly what we strive to produce in our program. 


Monet is a natural in the field and, posses an excellent nose and desire to please. She is a fearless hunter and will find and point a bird on a dime! She loves to swim and retrieve as well. Aside from her hunting ability  she is able to turn it off as soon as the work is done and is a wonderful house dog. Monet's puppies excel in the field but also make great family pets for those who simply want a well-bred companion. We kept Monet before we were competing in AKC so we never did title her.


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