Nosam Kennels is a small, family-owned and operated kennel. Established in West Virginia but recently relocated to Central Kentucky about two hours from Nashville Tennessee. 


Our enthusiasm for the outdoors has fueled a passion for not only breeding quality gun-dogs such as the German Shorthaired Pointer & Vizsla but working with a variety of other sporting breeds in and out of the field. The care and training that goes into each and every dog is a family affair. We both actively train for and compete in AKC hunt tests and hunt over our dogs. Each year we offer a limited number of breeding's drawn from our very best bloodlines. We focus on field ability, temperament, and health.


 We pride ourselves on the fact that we have trained and handled all of our own dogs in the field along with training and titling dogs in the field for other owners and breeders. We believe to produce biddable easy to train bird dogs one must learn the ins and outs of how to start and train a bird dog and what to look for in a hunting prospect. Rather than shipping our dogs off to a trainer for months at a time we build an unbreakable bond of training and competing with them ourselves. 


All of our dogs spend time in our home as well as outside in the kennel.

 Any litter we produce, we would proudly keep one for ourselves if not already

planned to do so. Each of the dogs we have chosen for our program has something

to bring to the table when it comes to producing quality puppies. Most of our females

are bred by us and the studs we have chosen come from healthy proven lines.

While we strive to breed dogs that are able to function in the field to preserve the

breed as it was intended (a loyal, velcro hunting dog)

we also understand that our puppies will be active members of their families,

therefore, temperament and trainability is a critical goal within our program. 




 Our dogs are provided with daily exercise. A typical day consists of them running 3-6 miles, training on birds and obedience and a swim in the pond (weather permitting).


We spend hours each day caring for and training them. Our puppies are born in our home and socialized from birth and leave our home well prepared for life by their master's side! We have access to hundreds of acres of training grounds within minutes of our home that vary in terrain and usually train 4 days a week during spring, summer and fall months. Our property consists of 50-acres of field including a pond. surrounded by farms.  Our dogs are apart of the family and do go places with us and spend time in our home. However, it would be impossible to be able to travel to title our dogs without a proper set up to board our dogs from our home while we are away. 

Behind The Name

"No-Sam"! Nosam is our son Mason's name in reverse. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a very personal and unique name with meaning. We couldn't think of a better way to represent the two things that mean the most to us in life. Our son and our dogs so combining the two just made sense.

Vizsla puppies