Nosam's Sedona


 Registered Name: Nosam's Sedona

Call Name: Sedona

DOB: 03/23/2016

 AKC# SR92242309


Pennhip:   Left= 0.32, Right= 0.30




Sedona is gorgeous Vizsla girl who was bred and raised by me.  Sedona loves to please, and is bold, steady, with lots of drive and style. Around the home Sedona is very gentle and sports a loving personality. In the pack she is confident, playful, and competitive.

 Sedona is the lead girl over the upcoming generation! Sedona loves water and will jump right in when given the opportunity. She's extremely cunning and is always analyzing. A true "genius" Vizsla. 

Physically Sedona sports a medium, athletic build with a gorgeous darker rust coat. She fits well into the AKC standard for a Vizsla. Her list is perfect for a family wanting a medium sized Vizsla with a darker rust coat sporting an athletic build and very family geared dog who is still very true to the active nature of the breed. Perfect for anyone wanting a playful, smart, outgoing pup while sporting a fun, ready to please nature. Great for hunting, show or the outdoor enthusiast. Producing a truly versatile Vizsla to take charge of nearly any outdoor activity you could imagine. If you are looking for a true "mans best friend" Sedona's list is for you. Sedona's puppies are truly dual purpose Vizsla's and excel not only in the field but also doing service dog work, agility, nosework and more. Overall her puppies are great family companions.