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We are so excited for you and your new Nosam puppy! Before you bring home your new puppy and begin a lifetime of love and companionship together, there are a few things you'll need to prepare for your pup's arrival. 

We want to ensure our puppies thrive in their forever homes, we've put together a shopping list of our favorite items. 

Check out the brand of food we use, toys, household supplies, and other resources below for giving your puppy the healthy and happy life they deserve! 

Although as an Amazon & Paw-tree Affiliate, a portion of your purchases from these links may benefit our breeding program, Nosam would never suggest a product that we would not purchase ourselves! You can be sure that every item on our shopping list is tried and true. We use these items on a daily basis within our breeding program.  We do not require you to buy anything from this list-

Except for the dewormer. It is simply a recommendation. Ideally, puppies should be kept on the same food for a few weeks. 


Food, Treats & Supplements

Real Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe

A delicious combination of salmon, peas and sweet potato. Real salmon is the first ingredient in this highly-digestible, nutritionally-dense, holistic, grain-free recipe. pawTree recipes contain no corn, no wheat, no soy because we know our pets rely on us to make the best nutrition choices for them. Our thoughtfully-formulated recipes contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or poultry by-products.

2324 ChickenOatmeal large.png



Inukshuk 30/25 is a complete and balanced meal for medium-large breeds, very active dogs, and working dogs. 30/25 is a balanced diet designed for high-energy endurance to fuel your dog’s athletic activities. This formula provides the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to support optimal performance.

Suitable for All Life stages, including large breed puppies


Puppies are given DES health guard a liquid probiotic in their water daily. 

D.E.S. Health-Gard™ is the best liquid probiotic on the market. It helps replenish good bacteria, fights toxins, and builds resistance to digestive, respiratory, urinary, and allergy conditions. An all-natural formula engineered from a blend of naturally occurring microbes and a specific catalyst, which allows the product to perform 1000 times faster than similar products. This dietary supplement stimulates the absorption of minerals and proteins, benefits newborns from delivery until weaned, ensures normal and natural health, and activates the immune system to increase antibodies. 



Nuvet Plus Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is crucial in today’s environment. These food ingredients and other environmental factors are prime sources for poor health in your pet. Ingredients and nutrients are compounded to maintain their integrity and bio-digestibility for complete cellular infusion.

We give these to all of our dogs at Puppies and highly recommend you continue Please use Sellers ID #21995

15% off every order when they enroll in Auto-Ship


Use Code 21995 to order



Added to our dogs and puppies food daily to promote skin and coat health. Providing essential fatty acids that are critically important to your dog and cat’s overall health, pawTree’s nutrient-rich Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil contains over 15 heart-healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids. Not all salmon and salmon and pollock oil is the same, trust us.


2018 SalmonOil 8oz_Bottle_large.png
2385 Bladder_Support_Small_large (1).png


Our breeds tend to be more prone to UTI's especially young females. We highly recommend putting pups on a bladder support through crate and house training.


Bladder Health is Just a Few Chews Away! Many dogs and cats experience urinary tract issues. Bladder Support Plus is a veterinarian-developed formula that helps support and maintain the normal function of the urinary tract in both dogs and cats. This delicious supplement is a unique blend of D-Mannose, Cranberry, Glucosamine and Marshmallow Root that was specially formulated to support and maintain normal bladder health, maintain normal urine pH, and promote optimal urinary tract health and function. 


pawPairings​® Duck Medley Superfood Seasoning. You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and neither does your pet. They crave variety, but changing their food daily leads to upset tummies. pawPairings Superfood Seasoning allows you to give your pet a different taste sensation at every meal WITHOUT stomach upset!


We add this to moms food when they go through their picky eating stage in pregnancy and I also add it to puppies food occasionally. It comes in several flavors. Great way to switch up the flavor without changing the protein source. We use the Duck & Salmon since our food is chicken flavored. Get a FREE sample here


2402 Duck_Medley_large.png
2410 Beef_Liver_large.png


Freeze-dried is the closest to real food that you can get in a shelf stable form. Our freeze-dried treats are minimally processed so all the goodness stays in. Great for training and motiving dogs with postive reinforcement. Many flavors to choose from .pawTreats® are delicious and nutritious treats your dogs and cats will crave, and you’ll feel good about feeding! Dogs and cats are natural hunters who thrive on a diet of primarily meat and some vegetables in order to thrive and live a healthy, vibrant life. Our freeze-dried varieties are grain-free, all-natural, healthy, real-food treats made with simple ingredients based on your pet’s optimal diet. 




A Favorite for our dogs here and Nosam. Premium Pork Chomps are 100% rawhide-free dog chews made from baked pork skin. 100% Rawhide-Free, 99.9% Digestible Most dogs seem to really like rawhide chews. But the truth is, rawhide is difficult to digest and stays in the system for days—seriously gumming up the gut and making your dog uncomfortable. And it can cause severe blockages. Premium Pork Chomps are 99.9% digestible, offering a safe, healthy alternative to rawhide, so your dog can continue enjoying his chew time without sacrificing digestive health.



The KONG Classic red rubber toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation. Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development, emotions and behavior. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this treat dispensing puzzle toy helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging and barking. If we could only pick one toy this would be it


Dont Forger the filler of PB for your dogs Kong toy. 



Bully Sticks

Natural Farm 7-Inch Bully Sticks | Odor Free | Single Ingredient Premium Beef, Fully Digestible Dog Chews | Promotes Dental Health | Long Lasting Treat for Small, Medium or Large Breeds



Throw farther and faster: elevate fetch with your dog with the Chuckit! Dog ball launcher, increasing the range and speed of your throw and exercising your dog in a fraction of the time

2257 Sticky Bone large.png

Sticky Bone

reatsters are a line of durable treat-dispensing toys. Great for occupying your pets and challenging their minds. Stick their favorite treat or their customized kibble inside and watch the fun begin. Our Sticky Bone has two suction cups on the bottom that stick to floors, walls or doors. 

TIP: Use it in the bathtub as well to keep your pup busy during bath time. 


  • BETTER THAN REAL STICKS – Real sticks are a dirty, splintering mess. The Maplestick’s unique shape means it’s always easy to grab hold and get a good chew going. Upgrade your fetch game.

  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING – Super chewer? Bring it on. The Maplestick is tougher than real sticks and lasts for weeks.

CBD Bone_Small.png


When they're stressed out, throw them a bone - A Chillax to the Max™ Bone!

These long-lasting nylon bones are coated with a clear, soluble CBD herbal supplement for oral delivery. The CBD is gradually released as your dog chews or licks the bone.

The bone has a glossy appearance when new -- this is the minty CBD coating. As long as the bone is shiny, there is CBD available for consumption (don't forget to look in the nooks and crannies)!

CBD is an extract from the Hemp plant and is known for a variety of therapeutic effects.

CBD does NOT contain any psychoactive ingredients and will not make your dog "high". The CBD will start working in 30-60 minutes from ingestion and can last for 2-12 hours. This can vary depending on metabolism, activity, and how much is ingested. CBD is most effective after using it for several days. Also try the Chillax formula you can give as treats.


Plush Toys available on 




If you buy nothing else invest in this toy! Dogs and puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. The Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a 'real-feel' pulsing heartbeat, providing an extra source of comfort for your pet. Bring with you to pick up to rub on mom and litter mates. 

Flea & Tick



Per the contract, it is required that you stick to our parasite prevention protocol.

Your puppy will need to be administered Safeguard for FIVE days in a row at 10, 12, 14 & 16 weeks of age. Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) Canine Dewormer is for the treatment and control of Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms Taenia Tapeworms, and Giardia in dogs. Safe-Guard Canine is the only over-the-counter dewormer for dogs that treats all 5 major intestinal parasites in dogs using only one drug compound, fenbendazole, minimizing your dog’s chemical exposure. 




Per contract it is required that you stick to our parasite prevention protocol. Tapeworm tabs. There are several types of tapeworms that other medications do not treat. Tapeworm dewormer for dogs will remove the common tapeworms, Dipylidium caninum, and Taenia pisiformis, from dogs and puppies. You need to give this 1x at 10, 12, 14  & 16 weeks of age at the same time as the above medication unless you have confirmed 2x that your puppy does NOT have tapes. 


RX is required however, I listed this here as we use Nexguard as  flea preventive for our dogs. You can get this at your vet but it is linked so you can read more about the product and see what we use for flea/tick prevention here at Nosam. We only use this when we have a flea issue or during hunting/test season when fleas/ticks are heavy. I never recommend a flea medication to be used year round and in fact families have seen reactions to several types of flea medications when overused. We usually give our dogs one in the spring, and fall. Roughly every 5-6 months rather than monthly. Every type of flea med has posed issues in dogs so be careful not to overuse this if you don't need it. You are basically giving your dogs poison. Use it wisely.

NexGard Chews for Dogs, 10.1-24 lbs. are vet-recommended and FDA-approved to kill adult fleas fast before they have a chance to lay eggs. This product is also FDA-approved to help prevent Lyme infections as a direct result of killing black-legged ticks. Each fast-acting chew provides safe and effective protection, killing fleas and ticks for a full month. And the chews are easy to give because dogs love the delicious beef flavor—you may even give them to your dog with or without food! Each NexGard bite-sized monthly dose is gentle enough to give to puppies and dogs as young as 8 weeks, weighing as little as 4 pounds.


2023 FleaTick_Spray_large.png


This unique blend of peppermint oil and clove oil extract kills fleas and ticks by contact and helps prevent future infestations naturally. pawTree® has blended these natural ingredients that work together to comfort and protect your pet. Use it directly on your pet (over 12 weeks old) and on bedding, pillows, blankets, carpets and rugs for best results. No more harsh chemicals for your pet!  We spray this on our dogs before running them in the field, hunting/hiking.


All dog owners should know how to do their dogs nails at home! BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard to Avoid Over-Cutting Nails & Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - for Safe, Professional at Home Grooming






A nail Dremel is a rotary tool that work by grinding your dog's nails down. We highly recommend this method. Nail grinders generally work better than clippers. The main reason here is that clippers can injure your pooch of you’re not careful or if they’re a bit lively. With a nail grinder like the Dremel tool, you have full control over how your dog’s nails are trimmed, and you get nice smooth edges. This is more comfortable for your dog and much more pleasant for you. Grinding allows you to follow the natural shape of your dog’s nails, resulting in a more natural, comfortable trimmed nail.

NuVet Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

Puppy & Kitten Shampoo – Specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic and PH balanced for the delicate skin of puppies and kittens. NuVet’s® Puppy and Kitten Shampoo is environmentally safe and created to moisturize your young pet’s sensitive skin and give their coat sheen and luster. Our shampoo contains a coconut base with aloe vera, vitamins A, D, E and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts; no alcohol or animal by-products are ever used. NuVet® Shampoo is tearless and contains no detergent or soaps that remove the essential natural oils from the skin which your pet needs. ORDER CODE: 21995



Brushing your dog's teeth regularly (Aptus Bucadog), preferably every day, can help to prevent dental health problems and bad breath. Periodontal disease is an inflammation in the tissue surrounding a dog's teeth, more specifically the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.

Ear Wash & Ear Dry

Dogs’ ears are sensitive, and as wax and oils build up inside the ear over time, they can become increasingly prone to infections. External factors like excess moisture or allergies can further elevate the risk of infections. With floppy eared breeds this is an even more important step in grooming.  In general, cleaning ears once per month is a good rule of thumb. Breeds with long, floppy ears or dogs who swim frequently may need to have their ears cleaned every other week, or even weekly. After bathing or swimming, be sure to properly dry your pup's ears.

2303 Ear_Wash_and_Dry large.png


Love your pet but hate their stains? No worries! With pawTree® Oxy Shot™ his little mess is your little secret! Whether your pet accidentally poops in the house, or your cat tracks in dirt, Oxy Shot will remove it FAST! Our powerful oxy formula penetrates deep and fast to permanently remove the toughest pet and household stains and related odors. See the difference Oxy Shot can make on your stains! Available in 32oz. bottle. 

2352 Oxy_Shot_large.png


2354 Urine_Eliminator_large.png


As pet parents we know that accidents happen. There are LOTS of cleaners out there, but none are very effective on pet stains and odors because they only clean the stains on the top of the carpet, leaving the urine and odor below the surface to linger in your house. But now there’s a solution - pawTree® Urine Eliminator™ gets rid of pet urine stains FAST! Our special enzymatic technology breaks down urine proteins, cleaning all the way down to the subfloor, while our unique bacteria blend neutralizes even the toughest odors. Get rid of the stains permanently and smell the difference with pawTree® Urine Eliminator™!


Ding Dong! … Forget the scratching, barking, and whining! Easily teach your dog to ring the Mighty Paw Smart Bell to communicate potty time. It's the premier solution to all of your dog potty training problems. As a bonus all of your friends and family will be AMAZED at your dog!

2250 Poop Bags with Dispenser large.png


Not all poop bags are alike! Our bags are the RIGHT bag thickness, so you don’t feel as much. They’re the PERFECT size for small hands, large hands, small messes, and big messes - with room to spare to tie the bag. And our bags are sturdy - made with double-seal construction, these bags are durable and won’t tear.



Metal Dog Crate Carlson Pet Deluxe Pet Crate - Small This is the exact crate our trainer uses for crate training puppies. I use this because it is easy to clean when first starting pups in the crate. 



It’s an unfortunate fact that too many dogs are injured or killed every year in vehicle accidents. The truth is, traditional dog kennels are simply not designed to protect their four-legged passengers. Ruff Land kennels feature race car-inspired Ruff-Flex™ Energy Dissipation Technology, a series of design elements that dramatically improve the odds of your dog surviving an accident. We use ruff tuffs here at Nosam.


Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Therapeutic Round Cuddle Nest Snuggery Burrow Blanket Pet Bed w/ Removable Cover for Dogs & Cats - Available in Multiple Colors & Styles. We have this on our porch and all of our dogs love this bed. Most of our customers rave about how their dogs love their cozy cave beds. We recommend the largest one they have for plenty of room. 



Give your dog a high quality, orthopedic bed that is built to last. Free Shipping. Stop buying throw away pillow beds, invest in a Kuranda bed for life.


: pets need exercise, too! A properly exercised pet is a happier, healthier pet. Especially those that normally require a greater degree of confinement. But even pets that are allowed to roam widely can’t always be given unlimited space in which to move about, play, and keep those muscles working. That’s where MidWest exercise pens come in.




Airline approved pet crate for those who are flying out to pick up. Comes with bowl.





Book puppy training with our trainer today! Four weeks of in home board & train. Your puppy will learn basic obedience, crate/potty training along with manners. 

The Puppy Course

Online puppy course by Jeff at solid K9 dog training. 

Highly recommend this course. We have personally used many of Jeff's methods in our own training program for basic obedience. Start your puppy out on the right foot with this online course by a professional dog trainer. 



Treat pouch & clicker set for positive reinforcement 


Herm SPRENGER Pinch Collar-Small 12" x 2.25mm. This is the size I recommend for All Vizsla's & GSP's. Even Adult dogs. I have used this size on Great Danes even when I have trained dogs for clients. You do not need larger than a 2.25 mm prong simply add more links to lengthen it as your dog grows. The larger prongs do not offer the same level of control and correction due to improper fit. If you order a prong be sure it is 2.25 mm only. Do not forget to order extra links. We start pups in prongs at 16-weeks


Garmin Sport Pro

I have gone back and forth on several e-collar brands over the years and I came back to my Tried and True Garmin.

I had my original Garmin for almost 10 years. I bought a few different brands over the years in order to have more than one system on hand and to try out other systems.


While other brands have only lasted a year or so, or have not been user-friendly my Garmin lasted 10 years before it stopped working. I recently replaced it and went with another Garmin.


The 3/4 mile range Garmin / Tri-Tronics Sport PRO is lightweight, easy to use, and loaded with features. Train up to three dogs with no-look, one-handed operation. Select 10 different stimulation levels on the transmitter with positive clicks between levels. Remotely control the built-in Bark Limiter to keep things quiet, or activate the Beacon Lights for extra visibility in low light situations. Plus, the transmitter floats!

Puppies should begin the e-collar intro after they have learned and mastered their basic commands I strive to have that done by 16 weeks and puppies start on the collar at that time. If you are going to own a bird dog you should own an e collar.



This book will guide you step by step as you train your dog with an electric collar (e-collar). Your e-collar can be used to stop plenty of behavioral issues, and is great for training your dog to come to you every time! And it can be done humanely


The Canine Good Citizen program was created by the American Kennel Club to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Written by the respected dog experts at the American Kennel Club (the very same organization that designed the test), Citizen Canine will help dog owner easily maneuver through the program’s 10-step curriculum, stressing responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs. With the valuable information found in this helpful guide, your dog will pass the Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors.



The Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet is an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way. If every puppy owner would read and follow these guidelines, a huge number of behavioral issues and fractures could be avoided! 

The Complete Guide to the Vizsla

Selecting, Feeding, Training, Exercising, Socializing, and Loving Your New Vizsla.

One of our Nosam puppies Oakley is in this book on page 78!



ID & Collars



ByteTag is a pet tag with NFC technology and a QR code that links to a pet profile! The ByteTag pet profile displays all the information necessary to get your pet home safely! BYTETAG is a one time purchase and there are no monthly fees! We will be using these when we go on hunts as we often travel pretty far away from home. Loosing one of my dogs is my biggest fear!

All of our puppies are microchipped however, this added safety feature can help get your lost pup returned even faster when the finder may not have access to a chip scanner!


Use code Nosam to save.

SoftFlex Center Ring Dog Collar with Brass Name Plate

The IDEAL dog collar. Easy to clean, bright (makes your dog easy to see), with a fitted tag. This one is ideal for ADULT DOGS!



1/2″ D Ring Beta Small Dog & Puppy Collar


K-9 Komfort 4 ft. x 1/2 in. TufFlex Snap Lead

This vinyl-coated webbing also keeps its flexibility in cold weather. Can be used as both a standard snap lead or as a slip lead, which will tighten if your dog pulls and loosen when he obeys your correction. Rust-resistant chrome-plated hardware includes swivel snap, ring-in main body of lead and ring-in handle.

Our FAVORITE leash at nosam! Stops pullers!



TufFlex Puppy Drag Check Cord

Check cords are great for teaching future off-leash skills such as Recall. Gives you a way to quickly get ahold of puppies but let them run freely and play.  All of our puppies start out on Check cords before they ever move to an e-collar. I highly recommend these over nylon. They wipe off are easy to see and do not tangle in tall grass. 



Nosam Kennels Pride & Honor Vizsla T-shirt


featuring honor our vizsla stud. comes in several colors & Styles. 

download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg

Nosam Chase Adventure GSP T-shirt


featuring Scarlet one of our foundation gsps. 

Nosam Kennels Be The Sunshine Bracco t-shirt


featuring Rocco our Bracco Stud. comes in several colors & Styles. 

download (3).jpg
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