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 Nosam Kennels Puppy Purchase Information


We don't breed dogs, just to  sell puppies. We breed to preserve our breeds. 

Each breeding is planned well in advance and chosen to produce puppies with sound temperament, structure and ability .

To produce everything we are looking for in the next generation of our breeding program.




1. Submit the puppy application! Once approved fill out & submit the Contract    

2. Place a Non-refundable deposit toward the litter of your choosing.    

Once we receive your deposit and contract, we will place you on the list of your choice immediately and you will then begin receiving important weekly video and information updates once the pups are born!  



 A responsible breeder will always do what’s best for their dogs and their clients. In order to provide healthy, well bred puppies, we have invested large amounts of money into our program. This would include health testing each dog, building a breeding facility for the dogs to live in, time and money spent on training & titles, and we feed high quality food. We do everything we can to provide the best possible and we support your life of your pup.  All this investment reflects the pricing of our puppies.  Sure you can find cheaper puppies but you will sacrifice quality and likely pay the same amount or double in vet bills later. 


Vizsla’s are $2000   

Weimaraners are $1,200  

German Shorthaired Pointers are $1400  



Non-refundable Deposits are $600 & come off the total price (Doesn't include Paypal fees)    Deposits are collected via Paypal! No Checks or Money orders accepted!     If using Paypal    let us know you'd like to use Paypal. DONT SEND VIA FRIENDS AND FAMILY!     Note: PayPal does add a 3.5% fee to all transactions to the total deposit of $621    Email us to get the deposit invoice!      






All of our dogs have been screened for at least hip dysplasia before being bred to ensure they are free and clear of OA.  We are currently using PENNHIP to screen our breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia. OFA, UC Davis or Embark will be used for further testing. Each breed has various different requirements for testing. You can check the dog’s individual pages to see their results!   


HEALTH WARRANTY    Each puppy comes with a 7-day health warranty against disease & a 24-month warranty against hips, elbows, eyes and thyroids! Please read over the contract to obtain information on the full written guarantee.    



All puppies are sold on non-breeding AKC LIMITED registration. This means you cannot breed your puppy & when you sign our contract you agree to not allow your puppy to be bred. We do NOT offer puppies with full registration. Each puppy will be individually registered with American Kennel club into the buyer’s name at pick up. We do this with the AKC breeder online EZ-registration and all registrations will be prepaid at no cost to you! 



A collar tag isn't enough. If your dog's collar breaks or its collar tag falls off or becomes illegible, a microchip permanently identifies your pet to help your pet get back to you if it is ever lost or stolen. All puppies are microchipped and enrolled in AKC Reunite before they leave our home. AKC reunite microchipping is included in the price of your puppy. We also prepay to enroll your puppies microchip. Nosam Kennels will be added as alternative contact in case, for some reason, you cannot be contacted.    



Weekly watch your puppy grow updates! Includes video's, professional quality photo shoots and developmental information so you can be a part of the puppy rearing process. This program allows each buyer to get an in-depth look at our program and helps to provide a more informative puppy selection process. We try to fit in as many photo shoots and video's as we can.    


PUPPY CULTURE RAISED    Nosam Kennels is proud to offer Puppy culture raised puppies!    Puppy Culture represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. Puppy Culture is a program used by Breeders and Puppy owners, all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies and to limit behavioral issues by helping puppies to cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults. Please check out our PC page for more information!    



Puppies will come with first set of vaccines before leaving our home. Each puppy will be kept UTD on a vet grade deworming schedule to ensure they are parasite free throughout their development. We will also cover proper deworming protocols, provided with flea preventives so they go home flea free and will have had at least one vet check with our vet prior to leaving. Through Exam from a license vet. Health certificate, Vaccine record, Deworming record and a Fecal. Vet checks heart, lungs, eyes, hernias, testicles etc. 



We will provide reading material with each developmental update to help better prepare you for your puppy. This includes feeding and nutrition information, training tips, breed tips, puppy check lists and more!    




All of our puppies are raised by a certified dog trainer.  Therefore, we will begin basic obedience skills with our litters to help send our puppies home off to the right start. Puppies will begin potty training and crate training as well!    We also offer lifelong obedience tips and advice! Notice: We are seeing a trend in "Obedience training" being offered with puppies by other breeders. Please ensure the breeder/trainer offering this training is actually "certified" to train your puppy! Otherwise you’re just paying an extra fee for no training! I am actually certified and you can see my certification on the about me page.