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Our puppy price, regardless of sex or position on the list is

$2600 Vizslas and German Shorthaired Pointers.

Bracco puppies are $3,000


Once you’ve decided to purchase a Nosam puppy, a $600 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a puppy and your pick position on the waiting list.   Final cash payment will be due on pick-up day.  If there were not enough puppies born to get to your position on the list you are on, your name and deposit will be moved to a future available litter list of your choosing. Please note deposits will not be returned if a puppy is not available for the sex/color Puppy Buyer has requested. However, the deposit will be transferred to another litter in the event a puppy is not available for the sex/color the Puppy Buyer has requested. The puppy Buyer will be allowed to move to the end of the deposit list of available puppies of the opposite sex/color or move to the next list for an upcoming or planned breeding. Heat cycles are simply estimated and not guaranteed. Breedings are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. The health of our breeding dogs is paramount to producing a litter. However, if changes are made, contact will be made with the deposit holders with as much notice as possible and other available options offered. By placing a deposit you are agreeing to wait until I have a puppy for you.


Pick-up day is generally the first Saturday after the puppies turn 8 weeks old.  We recommend picking up your puppy in person, either by personal vehicle or airplane. We are exactly two hours from Nashville TN & Louisville KY. 

If you cannot pick up in person we can help you to arrange delivery. 


We want the puppy-buying process to be an easy and fun experience for you.  Once you are on a waiting list, you will receive updates on the progress of pregnancy, when the litter is born, when they open their eyes, etc.  Weekly watch your puppy grow updates! Includes videos, professional-quality photo shoots, and developmental information so you can be a part of the puppy-rearing process. This program allows each buyer to get an in-depth look at our program and helps to provide a more informative puppy selection process. We try to fit in as many photo shoots and videos as we can. Puppies are matched to families based on the overall lifestyle and the needs of each puppy. 



The date that your deposit is received will determine the order of availability. The order of deposit does not determine a pick order. It does not matter if you are the 1st deposit or the 8th deposit because we do not establish picking orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Nosam Kennels will carefully match you up with a puppy based on our discussions, the information you submitted in your application, and after evaluating each puppy in the litter. We feel that this method provides the best chance of success in matching each client with the best possible dog for them. We select puppies for clients because we want you to be happy with your dog! We will send frequent photos/videos throughout development.  Nosam reserves the right to first pick on all litter


Not all dogs should be bred, as breeders, we understand this. There are risks involved when breeding dogs, including the health and death of the female and litter. Therefore, Nosam Kennels has chosen to limit the registration of their puppies to educate Puppy Buyers as well as protect and maintain the integrity of the breeds.  Ultimately, we hold our Puppy Buyers to the same standards we hold ourselves when determining if a dog should be bred and that it would be an improvement to the breed. Therefore all puppies will be sold on limited NAVHDA or AKC registration and breeding rights will only be released when a signed contract is met. All dogs will be required to be spayed & and neutered if they have not met the requirements for full AKC. We only offer full AKC once a puppy is two years old, has been health tested and earned a hunting or show title.


Nosam guarantees that the puppy you purchase from us is in good health and has been given its first vaccinations, and wormings and has been health checked by a licensed veterinarian. As the buyer, you will receive your puppy’s updated list of vaccinations and wormings on puppy pick-up day. Parent dogs have been health tested to lower the risk of breed-related diseases.  


To start the process you will need to submit our puppy application & and contract. Once you fill out the application the document will prompt you to the deposit and contract link. Click the button below to start the process. 


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