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Vizsla puppies

We don't breed dogs, to sell puppies. We breed to preserve the breeds we work with.

Each breeding is planned well in advance and chosen to produce puppies with sound temperament, structure, and ability.

We aim to produce everything we are looking for in the next generation of our breeding program.

At Nosam, we aim to produce a dog with natural ability that can also be a well-adjusted family member.

We select parent dogs with a natural ability to hunt, an innate desire to please, stable temperaments, and good health with an off-switch. We take great pride in matching puppies to the right homes. Please note that we cannot control heat cycles and timing is estimated.

Litters with full lists will be removed. If the litter is listed there are still spots open.

Thank you for considering a Nosam Vizsla puppy!


Summer 2024 Vizslas

Tappanc's  Csitiri NAIII JH

CC Vizsla



CC has been bred to Honor Puppies are Due  June 9th, 2024 and ready to go around early August. We still have room on our list for males & females. 

Winter 2024/Early 2025- Vizslas

Nosams Just Because You Can JH

Jolene Vizsla

Stud choice pending

Honor Vizsla

Jolene will be bred in the fall for an early 2025 litter. We will be using stud services for her to bring in new lines to our program. We have a stud in mind but the stud will be posted when we finalize the litter plans. Waiting list is open.

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