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DOB: January 24th, 2022

AKC: SS32616802

UKC: R324-448

NAVHDA: GS-025950

BREEDER: Sierra & Alex Combs

DAM: Nosam's Sharp Shootin Spyro NAI JH

SIRE: Eli's Guns N Roses NAI JH

PENNHIP SCORE: Right=.31 Left .32


ELBOWS: Prelim Normal





International Champion  (INTCH)

National Champion (NAT CH)

2x best of breed, 2x group 1,  4x best of breed, 3x group 1, 2x Group 2 & 2x group 3

AKC Junior Hunter title (JH)

UKC Champion (UKC CH)

 6x Best of breed, 6x Best Male/Female, 6x 1st Place,  2x Group 3, 1x group 2

Bcat title 3/16/2023 (Fast Cat)​

NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1 112


Draco was not supposed to stay. We planned to keep a female puppy. At around 4 weeks I had my eye on him but kept telling myself I was not keeping a boy and the boys were sold. One of the buyers backed out and a spot for a boy opened up. By 8 weeks I knew he was not leaving and he met every mark we were looking for in an upcoming stud and then some. 

Draco has always been a confident dog with a look-at-me attitude. No matter where we take him he gets attention. He is so outgoing and handles new environments with ease. His no-quit attitude cannot be matched but at the same time, you can pop him into a crate, or on a chain gang and he settles down and waits until he's asked to work again. Unlike many dogs during training that bark and do not settle down when they have to wait their turn, Draco calmly chills on the line or in his crate.  


Draco picks up on any new commands incredibly fast. As a trainer, who has worked 100s of dogs I have yet to see a dog come through my training program or even my breeding program that has picked up on commands as fast as Draco. His obedience skills were far beyond most 5-6 month-old puppies at just 10-12 weeks. I trained him to naturally stack very early on and he still loves to "show off". I ask him to jump and he asks how high. 


He trained up for his AKC JH with just a few sessions. He had never been on quail before his test and came home with a title in one weekend. His retrieve and swimming abilities were very natural early on. He has a natural desire to pick up, carry, and bring things to us. 

I lost my heart dog (Vizsla) a few years after we started breeding and I never thought I could love another dog like I loved Wesson. Draco has filled that void. He is not only an amazing hunting dog but one of the best companions I could have ever asked for.


The ability to go from 0 to 100 and back in a split second is not a skill many dogs have naturally. Typically it takes quite a bit of training to get a dog to learn to turn it off.  We look for puppies who have this natural skill early on and Draco has that ability. He stands at 23.5 inches within the standard for GSPs.

He is a once-in-a-lifetime dog and I'm so glad that he is mine. 

Draco is exactly what we have been looking for. Part of the puzzle we didn't know we were missing. He continues to impress us daily. We are excited to see what he has in store for our program. 

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