German Shorthaired Pointer Color & Pattern Chart


Liver & White

Liver&WhitePatchedTickedGSP (1).jpg

Liver & White Patched & Ticked

black&white GSP.jpg

Black & White


Black & White Patched & Ticked


Liver & White Patched


Liver Roan


Black & White Patched


Black Roan

Liver&WhiteTickedGSP (1).jpg

Liver & White Ticked


Solid Liver

Black Roan.jpg

Black & White Ticked

Black GSP.jpg

Solid Black

German Shorthaired Pointer Color Info

Liver roan is the most popular color we and  we get asked for it about 90% of the time. However we do not focus on color as a priority but health, temperament and hunting ability. A good dog cannot come in a bad color! Black GSP's are recognized by AKC, black puppies can be registered and can compete in any event except confirmation as it is considered a DQ. However, black is allowed in the German and FCI standard. In fact America is the only place that the black in the GSP is a DQ! The coat pattern of GSPs can be quite varied ranging from solid to one with markings. The coat color of the purebred GSP will be liver and white or black and white but not a combination of liver, black and white. Some shade of liver may be very dark but the color of the dog's nose will indicate whether it is a liver dog i.e. brown nose for a brown dog or black nose for a black dog. 

Black GSP article by GSP ancestry here  

Color Genetics 

Black is dominant over Liver
Roan is dominant over White
Solid is dominant over Patched

Two livers cannot produce black

Two blacks can produce liver if one or both parents carry the liver gene

Buying a pup based on color

Many people focus on looks when choosing a dog . This is the last thing you should consider. First choose a breed that fits your lifestyle then focus on finding a puppy that fits your needs. Ask yourself why you chose this breed? 

What are you looking for in a puppy? If you focus solely on color and patterns you may be waiting a long time to find the perfect puppy and passing up puppies that would be a great fit just because they are not the ideal color. 

Did You Know?

With the exception of solid Liver or Solid Black dogs a GSP puppies are born white with whatever patches they will have and their roaning or ticking comes in as they age. Puppies will darken up to 6-months of age. Below are some examples of how they change from birth to about 16-weeks. So we will not know how much ticking a puppy will have at birth but we can usually get a pretty good idea before they are ready to leave!