Projected Litters 2020

We are currently accepting deposits toward 2020 planned litters. If you are interested in taking home a Nosam puppy please start with our puppy application below so we can recommend a litter for you. Once approved you will be required to submit our contract and place a $600 deposit toward the waiting list. Breeding's are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to proceed with the projected breeding's below. However, if changes are made, deposit holder will be notified immediately.  Once a list is filled it will be removed!

Fall German Shorthairs

Due: Mid July

Ready: Mid Sept


Fall GSP litter planned. Dam is solid Liver. Sire is Liver/white/ticked. We expect Solid liver puppies and Liver/white Ticked puppies. Parents health tested. Pups will be great family/hunting companions.

See color chart for example

Longhair Weims

Due: early Aug

Ready: Early October


Longhaired Weimaraner litter from Mac & Relic ready in late Sept/Early October. All puppies will have longhair and be silver in Color.  We have confirmed this litter via ultrasound

Winter German Shorthairs

Due: Mid October

Ready: Mid Dec


GSP litter due in the fall ready in the winter.  We will expect liver roans. 

Central Kentucky