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Welcome to Nosam Kennels

We have dedicated our lives to preserving the finer qualities of the pointing breeds we fell in love with many years ago.

We  are breeders of superior quality German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizslas, and Weimaraners.  We are proud participants in the American Kennel Clubs breeder of heart program. We have chosen to prove our breeding program by competing in AKC performance events and are beginning to compete in IABCA Dog Shows for confirmation evaluations. Our focus is to produce healthy, well-tempered, dogs who are great representatives of their breed.

Thus our field, show, and family motto-- To produce versatile gun-dogs who can also function as wonderful family companions. 


Professional Training

Nosam is proud to offer an exceptional puppy rearing program. As professional trainers, we understand how effective early training and socialization is to the future success of our puppies. Our focus is to best prepare our puppies to go out into the world as confident, outgoing companions. Each puppy is introduced to obedience training and reared with the puppy culture program. You will be sure to take home a puppy who is well advanced in training and development. We lay the foundation of a lifetime.


Why Nosam

At Nosam we promote responsible breeding and purchasing practices. If you are looking to build a connection with a good breeder, rather than simply shopping for a puppy you have come to the right place. We are committed to finding responsible homes for puppies with families who have extensively researched the breed prior to purchasing.  

We take pride in matching puppies with the correct families. We conduct temperament testing on every litter produced. Then interpret it to give a strong indication of each puppy's personality tendencies into the future. Everyone benefits when they get a puppy best matched to their family and lifestyle. We also offer an experience that you will not get with average breeding programs. That is our watch your puppy grow updates. This allows you to watch the litter grow and develop from birth! All while building and establishing a trusting relationship with us here at Nosam. This provides everyone with a more informed approach to how the puppies are raised. We also provide education and reading materials on how to prepare for and train a new puppy so everyone is ready when it is time for puppies to join their new families. At pick up, everyone will receive a puppy consultation to cover any questions or concerns you may have. Lifetime training advice is also provided. 


I don't want a show or hunting dog I just want a pet! 

Not every dog in a well-bred litter is going to be show, breeding or hunting quality- there will ALWAYS be pet-quality puppies. Well-bred, but maybe with a slight imperfection, and those are the puppies placed in pet homes. You don’t have to want a show or hunting quality puppy to get a well-bred puppy! This is not about being snobby, being elitist, thinking that one dog is “better” than another, it’s about ensuring you get a puppy that acts and looks like the breed you fell in love with. It’s about loving our breed enough to want to see everything that’s good about them preserved for future generations to enjoy. If you want a healthy dog, with a proper temperament, choose your breeder wisely. Written by: Terri Lewin Gilbert


At Nosam Our dogs are pets first and many of our puppies do go to pet homes. All three breeds we work with make wonderful family pets with the right lifestyle. Even our breeding dogs that are trained to hunt become family pets once they are retired! Though we do breed for hunting ability that does not devalue our dogs and their puppies as pets. It just shows that are dogs are even more capable of being wonderful companions because they were BRED to be easy to train and are healthy enough for proper function. Bred with purpose, predictability and health. 


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