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The Full Story

Nosam Kennels started in 2014 but the love affair with Vizslas started much earlier. Alex and Sierra were set to get married in 2013.

A few months after our engagement, a red dog showed up on our doorstep, but he was never claimed.  Wesson became a part of our family, and we never looked back. This stray dog was a purebred Vizsla. We fell in love with the breed's active, nurturing nature and Velcro tendencies. Zoe, our first registered Vizsla came almost a year later and just 5 months after the birth of our son Mason. After falling in love with the Vizsla breed Sierra switched from Vet tech classes to dog training courses and began training dogs in basic obedience professionally. This later turned into much more... our passion for gundog training only grew through training bird dogs.

Sierra and Alex started to train gundogs, entering AKC events to test their Vizslas and they were later introduced to their first German shorthaired Pointers & Bracco.


Sierra and Alex have trained, tested, and handled most of the pointing breeds known, and a few that aren't even AKC-recognized yet.

By handling and training many different breeds, we have gained invaluable hands-on knowledge of each breed's hunting and training styles. This allowed us to narrow down the breeds that best fit our home and learn how to tailor training to each breed's individual needs. On the same note, we also have personal experience with many different bloodlines within our breeds, which allowed us to select the lines we wanted to add to our breeding program and the lines we wanted to avoid. 

After 10 years have decided to pause our training program to focus on our family goals and our dogs. However, the passion for working, training, and hunting is still as strong as ever. We enjoy running our dogs, hunting, testing, and furthering our dog's training on our days off.


Our knowledge from training dogs has allowed us to make smarter breeding decisions. 

The name Nosam was inspired by combining the two things we love most. Our son and our dogs. Nosam is "Mason" backward. 

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