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Hyde GSP


DOB: March 3rd, 2020

BREEDER: Cari An & Craig LeDosquet

DAM: La Belle du Nid aux Nobles NA PZ II

SIRE: Fitzgerald von Magic City NA PZ II

​AKC: SS18302005

AKC DNA # V10074266

NAVHDA: GS-022141

OFA Hips: Normal 

ELBOWS: Normal

EYES: Normal 




AKC Junior Hunter (JH)

NAVHDA NA Prize 1 110 (Natural Ability Test)

NADD DS (Dock Diving Senior)


Hyde is an incredible dog and we are super pleased with his structure, temperament, and all-around will to please. He is a big, friendly boy sitting at roughly 65 lbs & 26.5 inches tall (slightly above standard). Hyde is easygoing around the kennel and powerful to watch in the field.


He has a big motor combined with a great off switch. He's got a large range but he is easy to reel in. He's an easy dog to work with and very cooperative. Even though he can cover the ground he is a joy to hunt behind. 


Hyde loves the water and gives everything he has for each retrieve. He is loaded with raw natural talent. He has a sweet/soft nature but takes training with ease. At events, he chills in his crate. He's so relaxed and calm walking up that you wouldn't expect much out of him, but when he comes out, he always puts on a show and does his job exceptionally. 

He learned to dock dive in one session and earned dock diving legs toward his DS title in one weekend.

In the kennel, he is a lovebug and always seeks attention. He loves having his back scratched, and it's a part of our daily routine. Don't let his size fool you; he's a big teddy bear. 

Hyde has his NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1, and AKC JH title. He is dual-titled in the field. 

He is an excellent specimen of health, trainability, and friendliness. We hope to reproduce this kind of dog within our lines. He's packed with potential. 

We are extremely excited to be able to own such a fantastic dog as a stud here at Nosam Kennels. We look forward to furthering his titles and training. 

So far, his puppies are everything we wanted to produce. We've already had several come back for training 

They have been natural in the field, easy to handle, and have amazing temperaments and off-switches. 

We are currently working toward his AKC Senior Hunter Title.

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